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 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • "Who do I call to change my address or phone number?"
    To make changes to any of your personal data, contact Benefits Express at 888-409-3300

  • "Help! I received an error when I tried to access one of the links on this site. What do I do?"

  • Send us an email at admin@chryslerretirees.com and let us know:
    • What page you were on?
    • What is the name of the link you selected?
    • What was the error that you received?
    • Do you have any firewall or popup blocker software on your PC?
    • Your email address, full name, and CID

    We can't commit to responding to all requests and will not respond to anyone without a valid full name, CID and email address.

  • "Is there anyway that a retiree can access HR's Management Changes data?"

  • Company Announcements of Appointment and Organization Announcements are not available on the Internet.

  • "Many of the online programs ask me for my CID. What is this and how do I find mine?

  • The CID, or Chrysler ID, is a unique "person number" that Chrysler Group uses to identify individual employees, retirees, pension recipients, etc. Think of it as a replacement for Social Security Number. If you are a Chrysler Group retiree or surviving spouse (or other pension recipient) your CID is printed on the middle section of the pension statement mailed to your home.

  • "It would be nice if there would be some way of finding other Chrysler retirees in my area so we could communicate with each other."

  • Look on the right side of the homepage> under 'Retiree Corner'.

  • "How do I access the listing of available vehicles at the marshalling center? I often get requests from relatives who would like to purchase used Chrysler vehicles."

  • Eligibility to purchase vehicles from the marshalling center follows the new vehicle purchase policies. You can call the Sales Department at (248) 754-1011 for information on available vehicles.

  • "Is there a way to get employee's telephone and CIMS numbers that are currently working at Chrysler?"

  • This information is not currently available on the Internet for information protection reasons.


  • "I just retired, when do I get my first Pension check?"
    It depends on when your paperwork went in, but generally checks are mailed on the first of the month. Contact Benefits Express at 888-409-3300, for exact details.

  • What if I have a family status change during the year (some examples are: a marriage, death, or divorce).
    Please callBenefits Express @ - 1-888-409-3300, as it may affect your benefits and require changes. You will want to address all applicable benefits such as: Health Care Insurance, Pension Surviving Spouse Election, Life Insurance, beneficiary changes, etc.
  • Who can answer my pension related questions, and who can help me with my savings plans
    Pension questions are handled by Benefits Express - 1-888-409-3300
    And for Savings Plan questions contact Merrill Lynch - 1-800-483-7283
  • Can I request the remainder of my SERP in a lump sum payment?
    SERP benefits are payable only as a monthly annuity.
  • How do I change my monthly check electronic routing?
    For all matters related to your pension you must call Benefit Express at 1-888-409-3300.
  • Does Benefits Express allow for multiple routings, and why can't I have a specific amount put into one account with the balance going to another?
    The retiree payroll system is an old system and one of the limitations of this old system is we cannot accommodate multiple deposits. So, one is all we can do!!! Sorry.
  • How soon will I receive my W2 and my 1099 for retirement payments?
    These are mailed out some time in mid to late January.
  • Where can I get a copy of my W2 or my 1099R
    Copies of either can be obtained by calling Benefits Express 1-888-409-3300
  • I want to change my tax withholding on my pension check. How do i do it?
    For all matters related to your pension you must call Benefit Express at 1-888-409-3300.
  • How do I access my RHCA account? Do you have to exhaust your HRA account first, or are they separate?
    Your RHCA account is accessed through Merrill Lynch (1-800-483-7283). Your HRA is managed through Your Spending Account (YSA), which is administered by Benefit Express. You can call them at 888-409-3300 or go on-line at http://resources.hewitt.com/chrysler to inquire about your HRA balance. Your RHCA and HRA are separate accounts. It is recommended that you exhaust the funds in your HRA first as RHCA funds are passed on to your estate and HRA funds are not.
  • When should a retired employee file for social security and what are the effects on medical and pension?
    You can contact the Social Security office or consult your tax advisor for the best time to file for social security. For the effects on medical and pension, it would be best to call Benefit Express at 1-888-409-3300
  • How do I find the balances in my RHCA account and also in my HRA Account. Is that the same as my "spending account"?
    You can call Merrill Lynch at 800-483-7283 to inquire about your RHCA balance or go on-line to www.benefits.ml.com. Your HRA is through Your Spending Account, which is administered by Benefit Express. You can call them at 888-409-3300 or go on-line at http://resources.hewitt.com/chrysler to inquire about your HRA balance.
  • I will be retiring soon. Who should I talk to and see if I am financially ready? Also, what is the average that a retired worker pays for health benefits?
    Log on to Your Benefits Resources (YBR) and there are estimators for retirement and pension calculations there. Merrill Lynch is another route to go through to see if you have enough money saved for retirement. As far as health care, it will be approximately what you're paying now per month through retirement. It's a percentage of your base salary at the time you retire.
  • How can I get a copy of my w4's for previous years?
    Now that Payroll has been outsourced, you must call 877-827-7744 for their reprints of old W-2s, or for all Payroll Inquiries.
  • If pension checks are payed on the first of month than why aren't they direct deposted on the first.
    Pension checks should be deposited on the first of the month, unless the first is a weekend or bank holiday. The EFT stub may arrive shortly after the first of the month to a retiree's home.
  • I just retired and I want to get my last two paystubs, how do I do that?
    Copies of previous pay stubs can be obbtained by contacting your HR benefits rep back at your old plant. They can print off copies for you.
  • Did we lose our Christmas Bonus when the last negotiations were completed?
    Christmas bonuses are suspended, per the negotiated April 2009 Addendum agreement to the 2007 National Agreement. What happens in 2011 and beyond will depend on the results of the next round of negotiations.
  • Why were some of the union retirees paid a bonus in December 2009 and some of us were not?
    Retirees who retired BEFORE the 2007 contract get lump sums. Retirees who retire AFTER that contract date get an increase in their pension benefit amount every October until the next contract.


  • I'm a retired chrysler Financial employee. Who do I call for my benefits information?
    All Chrysler Financial retirees can call Ceridian Service Center (Employee Connect) at 1-866-269-3921 for assistance.
    Annual Enrollment begins November 3rd, phone enrollments begin November 8th, enrollment ends November 17th.
    Pre-age 65 salaried retirees and surviving spouses will receive benefit enrollment kits during the week of October 26. Get an early start and make your elections on the Your Benefits Resources website. Online-only elections begin November 4. Phone enrollments begin November 9. the deadline to enroll is November 18.
  • Received notice that The Hartford Medicare Supplemental Plan will no longer be available. Will I receive info on alternative plans from Hartford?
    The Hartford plan through NEBCO is ending but it is being replaced by United American Insurance. If Hartford participants don't elect differently, they will default into United American via NEBCO
  • I'm a retired Non-Barganing Unit employee. Is there a page that tells me what I need to do as I get close to 65?
    Yes. Click here for this answer, plus many other related answers.
  • How do I get withdraws from Health Care Retirement Account?
    To access funds in your Health Care Retirement Account (HRA), you will need to submit a claim form to Benefit Express along with any documentation or receipts to substantiate your claim. You can also sign up for automatic reimbursement (by calling Benefit Express) for your Medicare Part B premiums and NEBCO premiums.
    Claim forms can be obtained by:
    Calling Benefit Express at 1-888-409-3300
    Logging on to Your Benefits Resources at http://resources.hewitt.com/chrysler
    Or on the Chrysler Retiree website
  •  Is Lap-band surgery for diabetes covered in my medical plan?
    This type of surgery may be a covered benefit by your health plan but a series of criteria must apply. Check with your health plan to see what is covered by calling the 800 number on the back of your medical ID card. In general, it is always best to call the 800 number on the back of your medical ID card, for any questions of this nature.
  • Will my medicare reimbursement automatically continue year to year, or will I have to resubmit a new claim for the auto-reimbursement?
    Auto reimbursements for Medicare premiums continue from year to year. The only way they will stop is if you call to cancel it
  • When the corporation stopped providing inssurrance coverage for retires they had seminars on what insurance we could buy that were equivalent. I turn 65 next year how do I find out what insurances are there. Specifically in Blue Cross. & dental etc. I called Benefits express and they had very little to no info.
    You should contact Extend Health at 866-700-3760 or www.extendretiree.com/chrysler.
    Extend Health offers a one-stop resource for retiree health care coverage options, including:
    • Personalized help identifying the plans available in your area
    • Health care and Medicare Part D prescription drug options
    • Materials from health care plans
    Extend Health can also enroll retirees in medical, dental and vision plans.
  • I have questions regarding durable medical equipment. Who can I contact?
    If you are a member of BCBS you will need to contact your DME provider: Wright & Filippis: 1-800-831-0999. If you are a member of any other health plan, please contact that carrier directly.
  • How do I get back my contributions to the Medical Spending Account and obtain an account balance? Also how do I get a claim form?
    Call Your Spending Account (YSA) at 888-409-3300. Click here for a claim form that you can fill out and submit to YSA for reimbursement.
  • Spending account transfer to health care spending account. Since I didn't use the spending account while an active employee I expected the monies to be transferred to a health care spending account. I retired in Jan 08, when will I get notification of the funds transfer?
    The health care flexible spending account (FSA) is a completely separate from the retirement health care account (RHCA). One is for saving pre-tax money when you are an active employee and the other is used when you are a retiree. The two accounts are not connected in any way. If you had an FSA when you were an active employee, you had until April 30th of the following year you were enrolled in the plan to submit claims to YSA for reimbursement. If you do not submit your claims by the deadline, your funds are forfeited based on the IRS guidelines.
  • I just received a "work family" statement in the amount of $5,000 with a zero amount check attached. Please explain what this is and why the $0 check.
    Call Workplace Options to inquire about the work/family account.
    1-888-454-4412 8am - 6pm M-F EST
  • When can I apply for Social Security Benefits?
    This and many of questions related to SS benefits are answered at the Social Security website. http://www.ssa.gov/r&m2.htm
  • If I elect automatic reimbursement for Medicare Part B and/or NEBCO premiums, are amounts for either or both in the HRA "frozen" to assure these premiums are covered? If not, how are shortages handled?
    The HRA funds are not frozen. Reimbursements continue to be made until no more funds are available
  • Can I pay my medical premiums out of my retirement check instead of my HealthCareRetirement account?
    Yes you can during open enrollment. You will receive information with the dates and times of annual enrollment next fall
  • Where can I obtain a RHCA Claim Form?
    Typically you can get them by calling YSA at Benefit Express 1-888-409-3300, but we also have a copy on this site, under the link called "RHCA Claim Form"
  • My wife and I are trying to figure a retirement plan for her and I would like to know how much she would draw from my pension if I die before her.
    You should call benefit Express, 1-888-409-3300. What she would draw depends on all the elections you made at retirement, as well as your projected Pension at age 62. Benefit Express has all of that information, and will be happy to explain it to you.
  • What happens to the money in the Merrill Lynch Health Care Account when we die? Can our kids get it? Also is there a Retiree Administrator phone Number to call for Questions?
    The money in the Retirement Health Care Account (RHCA) will be paid out to the beneficiary you have on file at Merrill Lynch or the estate. You can set this up through Benefit Express by calling 888-409-3300. They can answer any additional questions you have regarding your RHCA.
  • I'm turning 65 this year. How will I be reimbursed for Medicare payment?
    Your Medicare B premiums can be automatically reimbursed to you if you sign up for auto reimbursement on your Heath Care Retirement Account (HRA). You will have to call Benefit Express at 1-888-409-3300 to get to Your Spending Account (YSA) to sign up for this feature.
  • Will I be notified of how much money will be put into my HRA account?
    You should receive an HRA kit in the mail from Benefit Express about 60 days prior to your 65th birthday.
  • Our daughter is 24 and graduating from college, do her health benefits continue to the end of the year?
    When the child graduates they are no longer eligible for coverage. It is the retiree's reponsbility to call and notify benefit express when the child graduates to drop them from coverage. They are subject to audits at any time and the audits would drop coverages retroactively.

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